Perforated Metal Mesh - 1mm Thickness - 4.5mm Hexagonal Hole - 5mm Triangular Pitch - Mild Steel

Perforated Metal Mesh - 1mm Thickness - 4.5mm Hexagonal Hole - 5mm Triangular Pitch - Mild Steel

We are historically a Woven Mesh specialist, but we also stock Perforated Mesh, Expanded Metal and Welded Mesh.

This mesh is a very clean and high quality Mild Steel. Produced in Europe.

The mesh details are as follows:

Hexagonal Hole Perforation

Our hexagonal perforation provides an extremely high open area of up to 85%. Sheets with holes of this configuration are very lightweight. The stability of the parent material is of the utmost importance to maintain the shape of a honeycomb structure. This pattern produces an appealing, timeless design suitable for current and future product applications.

The ability to control airflow can be used not only for cooling, but also the opposite effect using a targeted heat supply.


Whether it is racks or server cabinets the heat developed from the integrated systems and components must be removed to the outside efficiently, which is usually achieved by using internal fan modules. A sheet with a hexagonal perforation provides a very large open area giving optimal ventilation.

Thanks to the high air flow, temperatures can be kept constant in the cabinet, whereas the other areas of the cabinet can remain obscured by non-perforated areas and are therefore protected.


The need to cool heat producing parts of machines and engines e.g. tractors and other vehicles is a traditional application for perforated sheet metal products.

Depending on the chosen open area, the heat can either be dissipated or be re-circulated. Small hexagon perforated sheets can also be used as protection against insects in the engine compartment.

Standard Sheet Sizes

- 100 x 100mm

- 100 x 150mm

- 150 x 150mm

- 200 x 150mm

- 200 x 200mm

- 300 x 300mm

- 300 x 200mm

- 300 x 400mm

- 500 x 500mm

- 1 Metre x 500mm

Please be aware that we cut this mesh to size in house. If you wish to order a bespoke piece then please contact us (sizes must be within 1 Metres x 2 Metres)

Stocked and Shipped From Our Facility In Warrington

In Stock - Usually Dispatched Within 1 Working Day (Mon - Fri)

Please Contact Us (+44 1925 406602 or If Your Requirement Is Especially Urgent


Aperture4.5mm Hexagonal Holes - 5mm Pitch
Wire Diameter1mm Sheet Thickness
Open Area81% Open Area - High
Mesh No.4.5mm Hexagonal Holes - 5mm Pitch
Weight1.6 kgs per m2 - This Is Light Due To The High Open Area %

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